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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Are you getting more than 5 comments a day and finding it difficult to keep track of them?

Check out Commentful! It is a simple and no hassle service that will keep track of the number of comments in your blog.

* Click here to go to Commentful!
* Sign up for the service and sign in.
* Get the URL/Permalink of the blog entry whose number of comments you want to keep track of.
* Add it to commenful and it will keep track of the comments on that blog entry for you by displaying the number of comments there are on that blog
* Done!

Now, you can use this to keep track of any blog(s) you like, or any debate you are having. If there is a new comment added you will know and can go to that page and have a look at it.

I suggest you add all the new entries you publish to commentful , that way you can keep track of all of them from a single page.

Let us know what you think of their service!


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