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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

DIY Mac Repair

Web site iFixit offers several free, detailed step-by-step tutorials for performing various DIY repairs and upgrades on your Mac.

The iFixit team, show you with excruciating detail how to completely disassemble and reassemble your Mac, making it easy for you to replace or upgrade any parts along the way. If you've always wanted to upgrade your Mac but you don't have the dough to spend letting the Genius Bar do it for you, the iFixit guides should help a lot.

Apple, Nike Exercise iPods to Track Workouts

Apple and Nike have unveiled an iPod gizmo to put more rhythm in your run: the Nike+iPod Sports Kit, the first product coming out of a new partnership between the companies. The wireless kit lets Nike's new Air Zoom Moire shoes send fitness data to your iPod Nano via a sensor you tuck inside the running shoe.

The wireless kit lets Nike's new Air Zoom Moire shoes send fitness data to your iPod Nano - via a sensor you tuck inside the running shoe and a small receiver that attaches to the Nano. As you run, the sensor records your distance, time, pace and calories burned in real time and displays data on the Nano. At the push of a button, audio feedback is delivered through Nano's earbuds.

The $29 kit will be available within 60 days at Apple stores and shops where Nike footwear is sold.

Of course, you'll have to spend at least $149 for the Nano and $100 for the shoes. Six other iPod-ready Nike shoe models are coming.

Friday, May 19, 2006

How Much is Your Domain Worth?

We're not sure how accurate it is, but LeapFish.com's Domain Name Resource Center can estimate the value of any domain name.

"This question is asked by many, but very few get a solid answer. This is because domain names rely entirely on demand and therefore the only indication as to value is what somebody will pay for it. Here at LeapFish, we have created a rating system which is based on various factors and ratings you may find individually for a domain name. This system is called a CVS (Combined Value Score). The CVS is created by compiling a score derived from several different factors and running them through our formula to end up with a number. This is your score."

Samsung Debuts Hybrid Hard Drive

Imagine a Windows laptop that could boot up as much as 25 seconds more quickly than usual, last up to 30 minutes longer on battery power, and be as much as five times more reliable than existing PCs. That is Samsung's vision for the value of its new Hybrid Hard Drive (HHD), a next-generation drive that combines flash memory with traditional rotating magnetic storage.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Download of the Day: iPod city guides

Wcities' Pod CityGuides are free iPod note file packages with information on thousands of hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions in over 300 cities.

Choose a continent and city, download and install a Pod CityGuide on your iPod for free before you travel, for a pocket reference to a new place. My aging second-gen iPod doesn't have the notes feature so I wasn't able to test drive a Pod CityGuide myself, but it you do, let us know how it goes in the comments or in an email.